Role Playing in Python

computer Sep 06, 2020


Coding and I have always had an "on again, off again" relationship.  Recently, I got to learning a new language for fun: python 3.8.  

If you don't know, Python is an amazingly easy programming language to learn.  However, the drawback of it's ease-of-use is it's speed of execution.  Comparative programming languages such as java have been known to perform over 25x faster than python.
This is because java is compiled so it runs very statically, whereas python is interpreting itself as it runs.  This makes python a slower, but more dynamic language.   That mixed with how quick python apps are to write makes python an ideal language for small actions and anything where light latency isn't an issue.

Python I coded for the role playing text game

All that being said, I used this code to try to make a role laying game!
Below the game is the list of features I have incorporated thus far, with far more to be added soon!


-character creator
-enemy generator
-basic interaction such as talk, fight, and check statistics
-character and charisma check for dialogue
-agility and luck check for escaping fights
-145 unique dialogue responses

-custom text modifier (so enemies can tell you about them and ask
about you)
-around 12 custom dialogue options

-set a fixed number of randomly generated characters
-npcs now have family members from same hometowns
-npc locations are affected by type and relations
-you can travel to 7 randomly generated towns

-if you type "die" you die
-improved pre-relocation of generated characters according to
type and family.
-227 unique dialogue options.
-Dialogue options determined by player character intelligence and

-added extra player-based text modifications
-cleaned up talk function.


-if you talk to a character who doesn't like you more than 3 times,
 they attack you.
-if you talk to a character who likes you more than 3 times, they run out of
 things to say.
-Fixed talk dialogue option that breaks and ends program

Axyl Brosseau

New Jersey based content creator and ninja

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