Wise Ape Tea

3d Apr 29, 2021

The following commercial was about a 2 hour shoot out in front of Wise Ape Tea in Haddonfield, NJ with music by Vassa & Leone.  Joe, Harry, and myself planned out the concept and basic shot layout together over a few weeks then on the day I took over principle photography and directing.  Post production was entirely on me and for a list of everything I did check below the video.

This was a hefty project so here are some key takeaways that I was in charge of completing:

-Post effects:
*animated accent lines
*placing "Boring Tea" on empty mugs
*having book and semi transparent liquid freeze in time

*transition effects
*motion graphic overlay
*tea transition
*complete ground replacement @ 0:45
*3rd eye effects with light rays and optical flares
*animated text
-Color grading
-Sound Design:
*trimming down Vassa & Leone's  song
*adding sfx
*ultimate mixing

Axyl Brosseau

New Jersey based content creator and ninja

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